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200 hr Yoga Teacher training certification Starts from August 1st. Call 9676 274 212 now

Successful Goal achievement
by happy customers.

       Customised Yoga tailored to your unique needs.

Guidance from an Expert with

13+yrs experience.


Physical illnesses

Are you suffering from Diabetes, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, blocked nose, arthritis, sleeplessness, proastitis, gas, constipation, PCOD, fertility issues, irregular cycle, asthma, eye pain etc., or other health issues?

Emotional illnesses

Are you emotionally down, depressed (post partum or otherwise), angry, fearful, irritated, anxious, shy, have low self confidence, lost a dear parent /loved one or overwhelmed by too much stress? 

We do a careful assessment of your needs, goals and health.


Do you want to lose weight, become Flexible, Centered & calm but don't know where to start?

Based on the assessment, we create a personalized yoga tailored to YOU.

We Guide you with yoga and lifestyle changes to help you reach your Goals!

Call (91) 9676 274 212 now!


Gopinath Garapati

Helping people lose weight and get healthy, is what moves me. In the Yoga field teaching for the past 13 years since 2011.

I am a Former dissatisfied IT employee, making an impact in people's lives.

Certified experienced Yoga teacher (ERYT500). Trained in teaching different types of yoga - Power Interval Yoga, Raja Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga vinyasa Primary series, Yin Yoga, IWC therapeutic Yoga.

I have learnt Pranic healing, the power of mantra in healing and the valuable principles of healing from YVPHAF and Shivyog. And use these principles to help YOU heal and get better.

PN level 2 and level 1 certified nutrition coach. I will Coach you to eat better! 

I Explain concepts clearly. Excellent communicator and leader.  From Toastmasters international - ACB, ALB. Served as Area governor, Past president of Elan toastmasters. I can conduct classes in English, Hindi and Telugu.

I customise the Yoga plan to your needs. My focus is on YOU and helping you reach your goals. I have helped a lot of people
1. Lose weight and keep it off
2. Move from illness to a feeling of wellbeing.
3. transform stress to a flow state.

I have taught yoga and wellness programs at Amazon, United health care, Nisum technologies, Eli research, Rajdeep Group, Tavant technology,  RealPage, Vara united, Gayathri projects, Sai Life sciences, Aaseya IT services, Hyderabad Marriott hotel, Trident hotel, Trendset winz apartments, Ramky towers,  Fortune towers, Anviti insurance, ZPHS high school Kondapur, Botanical gardens in kondapur.

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Having benefited from Yoga, And wanting to spread these benefits to as many people as possible, Everlean yoga was born in 2014. by an expert who has been teaching yoga since 2011.


We combine the following yoga styles -

       Raja Yoga

       Interval Yoga

       Power Yoga (Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga)

       Vinyasa Yoga

       Yin Yoga

       IWC  Therapeutic yoga  &

       Pilates (not a yoga style, but derived from it)


& Customise a program to Help our Clients achieve their specific Targeted Goals.


We are known for

  • Personal attention to clients

  • Result getting approach.

  • Expert guidance! 

  • Playful, FUN & Challenging classes!

  • Community support & Motivation!

We don't just say these words. We embrace these values everyday! and Live by them Consistently!




Weight loss


"I lost 15 kgs in 18 months ( with 3 months break in between, as I  went to USA). And my knee pain has greatly reduced, thanks to the power yoga class!"

- Aruna, Bharatnatyam dancer

“I lost 12 kgs in 9 months and I am very happy with the stamina, strength and flexibility that I developed during this time. Now I just want to maintain my weight!”

- Siva, IT employee

The classes are good. Initially it was very tough for me to get up early in the morning. But now, I am interested in coming as early as possible! I can see myselffresh all day, when i do yoga

- Sudeepthi 

I am really happy that I am reducing weight! the special concern that you are showing towards the students and the class is excellent

- Priyanka V

I lost 3 kgs in 1 month with Fusion yoga classes and a balanced diet! I am very motivated to continue the classes!

- Chandra lekha, housewife

"overall I am feeling very good and fresh throughout the day.   Moreover I am feeling fit and I feel the inchloss in my body. The way you are guiding us makes us want to do more, giving us a lot of energy and is motivating to us. Thank you!

- Divya


Nice place... Good guidance from a patient and caring teacher...

Its a place to be for 1 hr every day for 5 days a week...

Gives balance and relieves stress. Prepares you for the day...

A place where you can loose weight and stress, be rejuvenated for the day...

Highly recommended..."

- Poornima Jain

" I lost about 15 kgs with Everlean yoga. I love it. If I don't go to the class even for a day, I miss it. it was an amazing experience and sir guided me with diet which helped me in losing the weight. My relatives couldn't recognize me when I went to my village for holidays.

- Madhavi lata, 42 yrs housewife

" I lost weight and fat in my belly and hips. the clothes are looser fiting now.


I have been doing the workout given to me and also have stopped eating junk, eating only home cooked, and 1 cheat meal a week.


I am happy as I want to lose weight for my wedding in december.

Now, I want to reduce the fat in my arms.


Thanks to everlean yoga for keeping me motivated."

- Anushka

Weight loss of  2kgs in 3 weeks and better flexibility

- Sruthi

 The classes are very nice and I am enjoying myself very much. I have learnt many new asanas and my body feels a lot better than before!

- Arpita Ch

Our family started doing Yoga and Pranayam everyday, ever since

Gopinath provided yoga instruction to our family. 


In the beginning everyone was reluctant, but his approach made

everyone get involved and we have started working on his

program now. 


Pranayam was especially refreshing and made

everyone feel calm, after a tiring day's work.


I would recommend Everlean Yoga to anyone who is serious about his health.

Thank you Gopinath

- Deepak, Archana & family

Firstly, the way the trainer is motivating and following up to get us fit isOUTSTANDING!

Secondly, I like the schedule that is being implemented.

Thirdly, the way the students are given personal attention makes me fall in love with this Class

- Sridevi

I am working out in the yoga class and have a wonderful experience. The trainer understands my limitations and customised the workout to suit my body type. I have lost 2.2kgs since the start of my working out here. The classes are FUN and I look forward to it everyday. It is not hard to wake up anymore!

- Aishwarya

"The Yoga classes have really helped with my overall fitness. Especially helping me reduce a few inches and relief from sinusitis"

- Sandhya

I joined in the middle of November. I did not want to lose weight but still wanted to tone my body and waist size. It has been 2 months. I am really happy to say that my waist size got reduced by 2 inches. Gopi sir is so encouraging and with the good help of diet and yoga I feel energetic day in and day out.

- Malathi

"I lost 4kgs in 1 month and gained lots of stamina and flexibility"

- Unknown

I feel yoga is a relaxing exercise for my body. After this, My body became so stretchable and I lost 2 kgs

- Pratibha

"I lost 2 kgs with this class. The ligament problem in my knee has reduced a lot! My body is much more flexible than it was before."

- Neetu Singh

I am able to do more, whereas before, I used to get tired easily when I work in the office.  Due to meditation, I am able to concentrate more and I am more confident

- Bejoy

I have inch loss already and my would-be has complimented on my appearance. I like the motivating SMS messages. I love all the exercises and asanas!

- Alpa

I lost 6kgs in 1 month. I really enjoy the yoga class!

- Bhavya

" I lost 4kgs in 4months. The first month, There was no change. but after that, I started losing weight. My family and friends compliment on my new appearance whenever I go home! It has brought a new confidence in me. Not to mention the energy level and flexibility! "

- Swathi, 26 yrs

I enrolled for yoga about 3 weeks back. I have lost 1kg, but most importantly I feel light and energetic all day! The classes require a particular special mention. Sir is very motivating!  . Thank you Gopi Sir!

- Srilakshmi C

" Starting any kind of physical activity is the first step to losing weight. I lost 4.4kgs and went from 92.3kgs to 87.9kgs in 45 days. My body feels light and I sleep soundly. My flexibility has improved, Strength and stamina has increased all due to power yoga class. And I did not follow any diet during this time"

- Karthick

       Weightloss & Fat loss!

"I am very happy about my decision about joining everlean yoga studio. while trying to find yoga classes around i visited many yoga centers but most other places were looking at just the physical aspects of yoga.

but when I went to gopi sir, he took keen interest in understanding my motivation behind joining the yoga classes which gave me confidence to join the classes.

and its been a month i have joined sir's class and i have noticed huge difference.
1. I feel huge surge of positive energy since i have started sir's class
2. Sir is also guiding me with weight loss and i have lost 2.5 kilos of weight already in one month.
3. But not just weight, sir looks at overall well being of the students
4. Sir explains each and every yoga asanas and mantra with great detail, and knowing the significance of each mantra makes it even more powerful.
5. Sir's classes have also filled me with spiritual energy too, i feel more inclined to connect mother nature since i have joined the classes.
6. I also had work related anxiety issues , which has gotten better since joining the class.
7. Sir approaches to solve the root cause of the problems and not just the symptoms.
8. my wife too has joined sir's classes and even she has got very good results.

I would highly recommend everlean yoga studio for overall well-being in life."

                                 - Kaushal

A recent bone density check-up at a health camp revealed that I was overweight and the doctor advised me to lose 5kgs. I joined Everlean yoga power yoga class. I have already lost 2 kgs and several inches since then. I have reduced from an XL to an L in 5 weeks. , Undoubtedly , I still have a long way to go. And the results make it worth a try

- Sanghamitra

I had gained weight post marriage. so I joined everlean yoga to lose weight.

In 4 months, I lost 4kgs.

and I am continuing the program to lose more weight.


I have to travel frequently to attend family functions, but still able to achieve weightloss.

During the meditation, I felt  a lot of energy and vibrations inside me. It was amazing.

- Pallavi, housewife

I lost 5kgs in less than 2 months with power yoga. and I am looking forward to more!

- Bhaswati, 23 yrs

I did not have a proper Balance since my childhood. And I had knee pain in my left leg. After joining fun+fit studio and taking the power yoga classes, I lost 5kgs in 2 months and my knee pain has disappeared.”

- Sashwati, 25 yrs

" I was 78 kgs in march 2014. Now it is September and I am at 70kgs. I have been coming to power yoga classes during this time. I feel energetic and happy that I lost 8kgs. I used to suffer from cold and now I don't any more! Thanks!'

- Sarath Subramaniam

As a part of marathon preparation, I started attending yoga classes with fusion yoga at botanical gardens. It's been an

amazing experience so far. It definitely helped me to be more

fit and flexible. Also, at the end of every yoga class we do

breathing exercises. Thanks to them, I was able to improve my

long runs, drastically. And I became calmer and more centered. 

The fact that it is conducted in the open air also adds value to

yoga experience

- Assiya Issat

I lost 4 kgs in 3 months. Thanks to Fusion Yoga, I have been on a 90 day continuous yoga streak. Gopi is very motivating. I was suffering from stopped cycle and PCOD, but now I have them regularly. 

- Papia Sengupta, 30 yrs

"  I lost 3 kgs in the last 3 months and best of all, I am in perfect shape right now! My abdominal fat has reduced to a great extent. my body flexibility and immunity has improved a lot! You can learn to re-energize your body whenever your body is lethargic. our tutor, Gopi sir teaches you according to your needs. It is very beneficial and I recommended to all my friends to join after seeing my own body changes"

- Anurup, Bank employee

" I started 3 months back. I started getting results from the 2nd week. My body got loose and I lost body fat. I lost 10 kgs so far. I am feeling great and light and targeting another 2kgs in the next 1 month. This is a gr8 and a fun way of staying fit! I am in love with this place and will never stop coming here!"

- Megha Garg, (has 2 kids)

Changes in me - weight loss of 4kgs in 2months and more flexibility

- Nayan satsangi

"I had joined power yoga classes here 4 months ago. And being under the guidance of Gopi sir, I have lost 5 kgs in all. (which is one of the biggest achievements of my life). apart from losing weight my body posture has improved tremendously, since I used to stoop earlier. Yoga is a great blessing for anyone wanting to get rid of fat from specific areas of the body. It has strengthened my muscles and increased my confidence levels. people have started complimenting me! - All the credit goes to Gopi sir and the diet I am following. I have been to other gyms and classes but I assure you that you will never find such type of workout sessions anywhere else.

- Nitika, shilpa park

"  I have successfully lost 8kgs and it is still continuing. weight loss has never been easy for me. however, sir has made it easy and weight loss appears to be permanent. Classes are good not only for weight loss but for overall wellbeing. I am addicted to my class and a day without my power yoga class is not complete! Instructors at the studio are very experienced and I wonder how they give personal attention to everyone in the group.  All I know is that if you give your 1hr/day to the power yoga class at fun+fit, your health/weight loss problems will be gone forever! This I hear from my fellow members who are equally happy. The environment is lively and FUN"

- Seema

When I entered the yoga class for the first time and saw the testimonials, I thought they are there for only for advertisement and attracting people. Finally, the day has come for me to write one. Now, I realize all those testimonials are TRUE! I am Ramya. My height is 5' 7" and my weight is  67kgs. I have joined the yoga class in october 2012. I am still continuing it and my weight is 60 kgs. I have lost 7kgs in 5months. My body is more flexible and I really enjoyed the yoga class. Special thanks to Gopi sir for giving personal attention and guidance to me!

- Ramya Parchuri, before marriage

Love this place! Yoga is an awesome experience for me. It is a WOW feeling after losing significant weight of 9kgs  and a few inches post a baby. I strongly recommend practicing yoga here as it is a wonderful way to get back into shape. It not only helped me shed some pounds but also helped me  gain physical strength, inner peace and flexibility  . Overall this is a brilliant class taught by an excellent instructor. Thanks gopi sir for excellent guidance throughout!

- Sudha, Housewife

" I did a month's training with Gopi and the change that I noticed in such a short period of time is tremendous. His approach towards fitness is non-aggressive and that was a pleasant surprise as most trainers will give you strict routines and diet that is difficult to follow. also, he's very punctual and professional! "

- Urmi Ghosh,


“ Names like speed walking, interval sprints, fat burning and more used to make me wait for mornings to begin. Mr. Gopinath not only guided me with yoga but also helped us watch what we ate, watch what we thought and how well we slept. He would maintain a streak for our batch, keeping a count of continuous days of yoga. Missing even a day would bring us back to 0. A very motivating concept that actually works.


Unbelievable it may sound, but he is an influence in the way he trains even at a distance - Virtual yoga classes on hangouts! When I lost track of my fitness regime, and when I was feeling very low because I moved to a new place on work, he helped me bounce back!


Fusion yoga changed me. I used to frequent botanical gardens in hyderabad for a walk every morning with my dad. And on my return, I would cross a stage on which I’d see a yoga mat bunch in various asanas, being instructed by a master who looks like a monk! That was Mr. Gopinath. After thinking for about a week, I decided to talk to him and enrol for yoga classes. I must say it was one of the best decisions I made in 2015. Cause, it changed me from within. 


As the name suggests, it was a fusion of all kinds of yoga! We had a fun packed week full of interesting forms like ashtanga yoga, Yin yoga and to an extent pranayama, power yoga, surya namaskars and not to forget the fitness and intense exercises.


Suggesting how I can engage myself and my mind and giving tips on how simple breathing exercises can transform one’s mind, he indeed improved the inner engineering in me. 


I’d say if you have the chance to attend his classes, grab that with both hands and you’ll see a new you! 


Thanks a lot sir and I wish you all the luck for all your endeavors. 


P.S: Yoga isn’t just twists and turns or shutting eyes, blinding yourself to the world around. It’s also in your deeds. And this guru, would also teach you how ‘donation’ in any form can tame one’s ego and make the human humane “ 


Update - I lost 3 kgs in 4 months (Oct , 2017)


Update 2 - I am glad to share that yoga has earned me lot of compliments! my friends and family say I have toned down really well. I feel fit and my endurance has increased too! Totally looking forward to hitting the 365 ( days of doing yoga without missing a single day at 289 days). Thanks sir!


                    - Anupama, Dentist

"Before I started yoga, I was frequently getting irritated and would shout at my family very easily. I also was overweight by 10 kgs. I wasn't sure yoga would help me but wanted to give it a shot.


Once I started, I had no problem doing yoga regularly. Even through travel, sickness, family responsibilities. I had a çoffee habit. I was facing a problem with Intermittent Fasting because I needed to have my coffee early. Also couldn't do 14 hrs in the beginning. I did 12 hours in the beginning and switched to green tea. Slowly after a weak, added 30 mins more fasting... And so on and progressed to 14 hours I.F and stuck to it. 


Initially, inch loss was there and I dropped dress size from XL to M. Gradually, Lost 10 kgs in 6.5 months and kept it off for the past 5 months. I am much more peaceful and calm when dealing with people nowadays.I nudged my elder daughter to start doing yoga. She was not happy being woken up early in the morning. But now, she does it by herself. She sees the benefits for herself. Seeing the change in me encouraged my husband to join yoga classes nearby. He goes there regularly. 


It transformed my life. Thank you sir for inspiring and motivating.The impact of yoga on my family and I, is amazing! Recently, I have started helping my friends with yoga. And encouraging them to practice as well!"


- Sowmya,

A housewife

with 2 kids

I joined Everlean yoga 3 months back and have seen so much change in my body because of the regular yoga sessions.

I started at 86.7 and weigh 77.3 kgs now. Lost 9.4 kgs in 3 months all thanks to Gopi sir!

Gopi sir has immense knowledge on different types of yoga and helps you as per your body requirement.

Apart from that he gives advise on your lifestyle and diet. Really glad to be a part of his yoga center.

- Mamata, IT employee

(about to get married)

Healing Testimonials

Shoulder pain - It's gone!


I have been suffering with shoulder pain for some time. I tried everything for a year. nothing worked! 

After doing IWC therapeutic yoga taught by Gopi sir, the pain is gone and hasn't returned!"

- Venkat ratnam,

retired school teacher

Neck pain - gone!

I didn't realize that I was stressed, but I had an aching pain in my neck that wouldn't go away.


I did the deep relaxation class with Gopi. As the relaxation started deepening, my neck was talking to me and asking me 'when is it my turn?'.


As I was going through it, my neck pain and headache went away and I felt that I was out of the body and went somewhere!


After the relaxation, I was completely calm and relaxed! Thank you!

- Rehana

Sleeplessness - cured!


" I couldn't sleep before. sometimes, I would be in the bed for 3 hours before I could.


After Everlean yoga, I was able to sleep peacefully! This allowed me to study better, improving my rank from 70 to 20th in 150 students. Thank you!"

- Aditi, 16 yrs (preparing for IIT)

From Shyness to Confidence!

"I am extremely happy to have my son work with a yoga instructor like you, Mr. Gopinath. With your positive and supportive teaching, my son really learned to overcome his anxiety and fear. It has been a very wonderful experience with you sir.


My son, who was very shy and not very comfortable with strangers and people around him, has started opening up, shedding his inhibitions, started conversing with strangers & also with relatives. He, who had 0 confidence in himself, started developing confidence!


Now he is able to enjoy himself going outside to public places, which he stopped few years back. Sir, the few techniques which you taught him have worked wonders for him. He used to get panic attacks very often, which used to bother me a lot. but now I haven't seen him suffering with it.

As a mother, I am extremely happy to see a new change in my son and the way 'OM Yoga' has helped him in getting back his confidence. Now I am very much relaxed and would highly recommend to every person whoever is suffering from these types of problems.

Thank you very much sir for your kind support and cooperation. We would love to take your help whenever we need you."

- Manu Darbha, a Mother.

From depression to Forgiveness -


" I was emotionally quite low. and felt I needed immediate help. So I spoke with annapurna didi, if she could take up healing for me. As I was unable to do meditation, forgiveness was not helping either.


With healing, in the first week my emotional state stabilized. and the week after, I could feel enthusiasm and saw my inquisitiveness come back. I could practice forgiveness also. By the end of the second week, I was able to practice forgiveness with ease.


By the end of 19 days, I am normal, stable and able to make decisions in life. I am extremely grateful to have received immediate support in such a difficult time, and able to transit smoothly.


Thank you so much , and to the entire knowledge tradition of pranic healing" (Healing testimonial)

- Shefali, Varanasi

Asthma attacks- reduced!


I have been suffering with asthma for some time. After doing Everlean yoga, I didn't have a single attack. Thank you!"


(He did yoga with me only for 1 month. He needs to keep doing yoga to attain full benefit!)

- Dhiman Roy

From Sleeplessness to sound sleep!


Guys!!! This place is Amazing!


Just a month back when I joined, I was suffering from severe insomnia and was not able to have a sound sleep for more than 3 months. I was losing weight constantly without any reason.


After joining, now it has been a month and I don't have any issues with my sleep. These days, i sleep for 8-9 hrs, that too at a stretch and feel much more energetic and positive all day!

- Ankana

From neck pain to Energised

I  was suffering from neck pain for quite some time. Doctors told me that it needs surgery. Homeopathy reduced the pain, but it was not totally gone. after doing therapeutic yoga, It was completely gone. 

I feel so energised throughout the day. Slowly, I am noticing that I am becoming more active, positive and optimistic!

Thank you Gopi sir for filling me with tons of energy, positivity and power daily before starting the regular life.

- Anil

From stressed to happy


I was going through stress and depression. I didn’t feel like facing the crowd or even waking up in the morning. Addition to that I was gaining weight in my mind . It seems like I weigh more kilos than what I actual look like , basically overburdened.


And so I joined Everlean Yoga one month back for a solution.

According to my requirements the process started with meditation to throwing all the negative things from my body through regular Yoga sessions, and I am finding peace each passing day. Nowadays, I am smiling more! and happy with my life.

I would recommend everyone to join Everlean Yoga but before that you must let the teacher know what is your actual problem so that the Yoga is moulded accordingly for you to get the best results.

P.S: With Ganesh meditation, I finally got the job offer which was on hold. I am very happy!

- Anushka,



Severe eye pain Gone!

I have joined Everlean yoga studio since last one month with migraine problem associated with visual disturbance.

Sir ( yoga guru Sri Gopi sir) gave me therapeutic yoga to get rid of my disease and I got result or felt changes from the second week only.


Now close to the completion of one month ,I do not have any migraine attack,no visual disturbance ,95% healthy feeling...... and most importantly living a medicine free life.

Now regarding my guru Sri Gopi sir,he is such a wonderful person...I am amazed how much caring person one can be....even in our weekend holidays,he keeps on taking information regarding how I am going, how is my migraine attack........ guys ,if you are in Hyderabad and thinking of joining yoga then join Everlean yoga studio... I bet you won't get better Guru, classes than this.........

now I am again feeling that I can lead a good and normal life. I have gained the confidence which was lost during last one year.


The last but not the least, ever since my father died, I was very much involved in getting the answer of soul, divinity, death,life,.... but I didn't get the answer? !! Now,I realise that... meditation, peace of mind, coordination of mind and body....... give some hints!!!!

- Bidisha dey

From PCOD to having a baby

'Gopi sir has guided me to make Lifestyle change in my diet and along with regular yoga, has been instrumental in lowering the metformin dosage , eliminating it all together and helped cure me off pcod'


P.S:(it has been 2 years now. she is married, has a beautiful and a healthy boy.)

- Mary

Low backpain gone!

" I had an accident in 2012. I was suffering from back pain recently due to prolonged sitting at the office.


I tried physiotherapy. it is expensive. I found a little relief with it.


but after doing just 1 session of yoga with Gopi sir, I was able to get off the floor with no pain.


I also lost weight mostly in my belly, due to reduced stress with yoga,walking and diet. I am looking thin and my friends are complimenting me"

- Ritwik,

IT employee

Stressed to Energized!

" I was stressed and would shout at employees. But after doing Everlean yoga, I was full of peace and calm. I didn't shout at my employees even in the most trying situation.


Moreover, I had so much energy, I finished all my tasks fast. and still going the next day with plenty left over. "

- Anu Ayyar,

Business owner

From Postpartum depression to Normal -


" I have joined 4weeks back. When I joined I was like a zombie, with horrible postpartum depression.


I can't even fill my details in the assessment form. so much confusion and no concentration.


Sir encouraged me a lot by doing meditation. day by day I have seen improvement in my mood and focusing.


When I joined I can't even spend half an hour with my newborn baby. But now lots of change. I can manage her alone in the day time.


Thank you so much, sir, for giving me back to my family 😀"

- Madhavi, House wife

Constipation cured!

" I was suffering from constipation and  it was gone after 2 weeks of yoga at everlean. I am so happy! "

- Aks, software employee

From low backpain to a strong back!

" I joined Everlean Yoga 2 months back. I was suffering from sciatica nerve pain for the past 6 months


but the Yoga Asanas suggested by Gopi Sir has definitely helped me a lot in reducing the pain and also I feel my back a lot more stronger than before.


I highly recommend Everlean Yoga to anyone suffering from lower back or any sciatica nerve pain.


- Naman,

Football player

Neck pain gone

"I had a lot of cervical pain before. after coming to everlean yoga, it was gone in 1 month.

My body used to be very tight. it has become quite flexible now.


The knee pain is also getting better now.


I am very active nowadays and I feel good coming here."

- Kamlesh gupta, 

Housewife and Grandma

Sleep problems cured in a week -



I work in an IT company. and when I would come home and hit the bed, I couldn't sleep for 2-3 hours, and would roll in the bed trying hard to sleep.


but after joining everlean yoga, I was able to sleep within 30 mins of hitting the bed. Thank you! and I am feeling much better thanks to the yoga class


- Raghu verma, IT

Hunger restored!

"Awesome experience with yoga at Everlean yoga studio. Feels very light, joyful and peaceful after every session. Really a Stress buster.


The way sir makes us do different asanas and pranayam according to the need and capacity of each and every person is very thoughtful and very helpful physically, mentally and spiritually.


Benefits so far - the pain in my back and knee have gone.  with improvement in my hunger levels from 3 to 6. I want to gain weight and I am now eating 3 meals instead of 2 daily."

- Priyanka, 24yrs

Backpain gone & stress is down!

" I had severe backpain. it was reduced and almost disappeared now.


Also my stress level was very high around 8 or 9. After doing yoga for some time at everlean, I feel the stress has come down to a 4 or 5 level. "

- Dr. Amelia

Sleep problems cured in a week -



I work in an IT company. and when I would come home and hit the bed, I couldn't sleep for 2-3 hours, and would roll in the bed trying hard to sleep.


but after joining everlean yoga, I was able to sleep within 30 mins of hitting the bed. Thank you! and I am feeling much better thanks to the yoga class


- Raghu verma, IT

From Stressed to Bliss


" I joined this class a year back when I was in a lot of distress. There was a customization feature which was included in the class in which I chose stress relief and to my amazement the teacher actually took my requirement into consideration and gave me the session in which most part was of mediation and yoga practices which helped me a lot in a long-term relief.


This class like my all other yoga classes had been a source of bliss. I would recommend everyone to give this class a chance for at-least a month as it can turn out to be a positive life transformation."

- Megha Kedia

  Centered and Relaxed

" I have taken his classes before. He made a difference to how I view yoga... I feel centered and relaxed after every class.


Most of the time, I got a good workout from seemingly easy moves... this coming from someone who does regular cardio-strength workouts.


Gopi customizes his classes to cater to his students’ needs and goals, making sure to correct their form and helping improve their flexibility with every class."

                 - Indira

   From pain to Feeling light


"I approached Mr. Gopinath with two issues of mine, which have been-

1. Shoulder injury pain 

2. Hamstring muscle stretch pain.

3. High Stress level of 8


It's been 3 weeks that I'm attending his yoga sessions and the issues with which I was dealing from quite some years are resolved to a large extent. I feel light nowadays and the stress is gone completely.


His knowledge and command is definitely magnificent and I am extremely happy and satisfied with the way my sessions are happening. I strongly recommend his sessions"

                                 - Kesaria

             Depression Vanished!


"I have joined yoga class 2 weeks back. I discussed with Gopi sir about my stress, back pain and i am observing a huge level of difference in the stress.


When i joined i was in horrible depression and i used to feel heaviness feeling in breast and even couldn’t sleep in the night.


Now i feel very light at heart and peaceful after every session. Thank you so much sir for all your suggestions. I highly recommend his sessions to everyone"

P.S: " it has been more than a month now. my neck pain and back pain are gone! and I am getting stronger daily. "

                                 - Swathi D

   Chronic Proastitis Gone!


"It's been around 2 weeks, i have started yoga and i have approached sir with my mild asthma and chronic proastitis,which i thought will be cured only through medication.


But his teaching and following his instructions literally cured my problems,


Thank u sir for your patience and guidance in helping me sort out my problems.


                                 - Harish

 Heavy pain & Inflammation reduced


" Sir! In my blood reports ESR value has dropped from 250 to 12. It is so so shocking and nice to see this improvement. It is supposed to be for male from 1-15 where as my values came down to 12. 
In 8 years of dealing with this pain, I never saw this value. Apart from yoga , I was on very strict diet as well daily having green juices and fruits mostly.
Previously, pain was 15 on a scale of 10. Now, If I don’t take painkiller daily it would be 12. With painkiller 9. Improvement in less than 1 month. I am happy and glad. I will keep continuing the process you taught me and keep you updated!
I am doing good sir. better. I started skipping steroids partially. though i skipped, I am feeling okay."

                         - Sai bharadwaj P

       My daughter loves Yoga now!

"My daughter (who is 13 years of age) started loving yoga  afterdoing yoga classes with you. Thanks!"

                                 - Megha Garg

       Tube blockages gone!

"I had a laparoscopic surgery to clear blocked fallopian tubes. but the blockages came back after some time.


Today after a month of yoga with Everlean yoga, I got my scan done. And to my surprise, the left fallopian tube is completely normal and healthy. Right one also improved a lot. Only very slight swelling is there.


Thank you so much. That meditation and yogasanas are helping me a lot!


I am hopeful of getting healthy and coneiving soon continuing this yoga program."

                                 -  Megan, 37 yrs   

                     (trying to conceive)

             Anxiety Gone!


"It's been almost one month since I have joined everlean. I had severe anxiety issues and also depression.


When I joined here, Gopi sir asked me about all the details of my health issues. Then he tried to find the root cause of my issues and helped me with that.


He pays keen attention to each and every student's problems. He follows up on every student's health and well-being.


I used to feel very lethargic earlier but now I feel much better. Sir is also helping to get me off my anxiety medicines and heal it naturally by solving the root cause.


My health is much better now and I can clearly see the difference in me. I highly recommend everlean yoga studio.


                                 - Mayuri

               Back pain gone!

"Everlean Yoga has been a blessing for me. I was suffering from severe back pain and just one week into doing yoga I started to see the difference. It’s been 6weeks now and I am pain free. Thanks to Gopi Garu’s guidance, I’ve not only overcame my pain but also see positive differences overall.!"

                                 - Aparna Vuppala

       Body pain gone!

"I am already feeling amazing after just 2 sessions. What you taught solved all my body ache problems"

                                 - Megha

              Running nose stopped!

"I used to suffer from running nose throughout the day with allergies. After doing sutra neti with Everlean yoga, the running nose has stopped and I am feeling much better. My right blocked nose is opening up little by little.


My father's right blocked nose opened up completely after sutra neti. He was suffering from it for quite some time and nothing seemed to work. but now he is breathing easier thanks to Everlean yoga!"

                                 - Soham Karwal, 14yrs

       Able to sleep well!

"I was suffering from sleeplessness. and used to take sleeping pills. but with Everlean yoga, I am able to sleep without the pills. I am much more peaceful and calm nowadays. Thanks "

                       - Satyawati , 65 yrs


        Depression reducing

"Actually I am on my anti depressants tablets. but only because of your meditation, I'm on my way to wean off these tablets. Whenever I'm not able to attend the session because of my baby I do it by myself but it has given me more strength and power... thanks to you"

                       - Tejashree, a new mother


       Arm pain almost gone!

"I had balancing problem previously. After doing everlean yoga, I can walk without the stick.


Elbow and arm pain reduced from 8 to 1.5 out of 10"

                       - Mita basu , 70 yrs


Arthritis pain vanished!

"RA factor down from 615 to 90. Pain came down from 7/10 to 0. No pain now. I am very happy!"

                       - Priyanka, 24 yrs

Back pain gone completely!

"In just 1 week, I noticed the below changes -

1. Back pain gone completely

2. Getting flexible from being 0 flexible to about 5.5/10

3. getting in shape. was out of shape from 0 to 3/10!"

                       - Rahul, 23 yrs


 from feeling low to hopeful!

"I felt very energetic yesterday after the class. Yet in the evening I started feeling drowsy and I fell asleep very early and it was very deep sleep I could not wake up early also, but now I feel very fresh and happy.


Overall it was an amazing experience. Also, I was feeling very low listening to the covid cases in maharashtra. but since after the class, I feel very positive"

                       - Richa sant

            I learnt to hiss!

"I was feeling stressed, angry and upset with someone that used to abuse me daily.


But with your class, things are going pretty well with her. Now I learnt how to just hiss (stand my ground) and she backed off!"

                       - Tejashree

       Magically Recharged


" I was super stressed. And your yoga nidra was amazing!


Megha and I felt magically recharged after that.


We are so grateful to be part of your program. Thankful for your support and guidance."

                         - Tej Garg

Chakra meditation is Awesome!

"Mr Gopinath is really a great trainer. Post Covid, I had complications like breathing difficulty, back pain due to Slip disc etc,


however, I feel much better within 2 weeks from the time I started. Lastly, the chakra meditation is the highlight of the sessions and gives me so much of peace


I would like to pass on my heartfelt thanks to Mr Gopinath and am sure he will serve people with his selfless dedication."

                       - Amrito.

            Eased neck pain!

"Liked both sessions and was able to feel energies with chanting on chakras.

It made me relax after office hours and got peaceful sleep and eased neck pain!"

                       - Pratibha

From weak to energetic!
" I was weak after recovering from covid. But after your class, I am feeling very energetic."

- Sujatha, After covid

 Past life regression - Wow!

"I had vivid details of my past life.It was a bit scary feeling. And I remembered you asked me to come out at any time and also covered by golden light.. So I continued questioning, saw the reasons and end of that life too.


Then, I had a bird's eyeview of my past lives. I am yet to come to terms with what I have seen. Making a sense of all would probably take much longer.


Thank you so much Gopi. I feel these sessions were God-send for me and through you as my guide. Highly recommended!"

                       - Anu

Gas gone, Stress down, got job!

"Impact I saw after doing everlean yoga -

1. I was stressed out. But after joining everlean yoga, the stress went down dramatically from a level 10 to level 2.

2. I was struggling with job interviews. With the suggestion of sir about mock interviews, I got the job.

3. Complete relief from gas problem, which has been causing lot of pain since past 6 months.

Now I am optimistic, have a job and free from bloating and excessive gas.

I strongly recommend and urge all to join everlean yoga for the personal care, attention and results!


                       - Ram Gadde, IT

     Happier and Healthier!

"Amazing instructor! He currently teaches my mom and she is very happy with the instructor.


Her mental well being has improved a lot since starting the class. She is overall a happier and healthier person.


I highly recommend! He is also very flexible with time which is a big plus!"

                       - Kalyan Vejella

 PLR - Huge burden lifted!

"I did two Past life regression sessions. My father appeared in  a dream like state and asked me to forgive him, after hugging me and crying. He died 8 years ago.


I forgave him. And the baggage that I was carrying lightened by 50%. I feel much better and lighter.  I feel I need to forgive others, myself and be more assertive as I let others walk all over me.


Thanks to Gopi sir for helping me be on the right path!"

                       - Supriya, housewife

Gained 3kgs + hand movement!

"I have always struggled to gain weight. After doing everlean yoga, I gained 3 kgs (I always wanted to gain weight).

Also, had problem with my hand movement. Now I am able to use it without any problem."

                       - Priyanka chavan, IT

Back pain gone and lost inches!

"I had back pain with IT job and sitting continuously. WFH is not helping either. When I asked Gopi to help me, he helped me make the required adjustments and with yogic stretches, core strengthening removed the back pain completely.


With his help, I lost a few inches. I just need the discipline to stick to this now!"

                       - Vikas S

Thyroid reduced by 50%!

"My throid was 5.1. after 6 months of doing Everlean yoga, I checked my TSH and it is now 2.88! I am so happy to have almost halved my TSH."

                       - Kamala, 38 yrs

Overcoming my dragon

My car had hit someone in 2005 Kolkata. I was mobbed by 200 people and my purse stolen. I had to run away from there. After that I panicked every time I sat behind the steering wheel. I sold my santro after 2 years, as I couldn't drive it anymore.

Today, I broke through that fear dragon and got my driver's license after passing all tests. It might be a small thing for most. But for me it is a blessing to be able to rise above my fears! 

Thank you Gopi for helping me overcome it with Chakra meditation, PLR and other yoga sessions. I am in Gratitude!"

- Archana

Shoulder pain gone and gained a lot more!

Until last year, I resisted yoga despite advice from my mom, brother and friends who knew my lifestyle.  Yoga just seemed too slow and I thought it didn’t match my pace.


Last year, I started doing  yoga lessons with my brother to reduce the pain in my shoulders, and also because he wanted me to do pranayama to improve my lung function (to be better equipped to fight COVID if I got it).


So I started with pranayama and shoulder exercises and asanas that strengthened my shoulders. Within a month, 80% of my shoulder pain was gone (fully gone after 2 mos). I could have probably achieved the same result with the stretches and exercises one can find online, but I don’t have the discipline to allocate a time and just do it (family / work demands are also a hurdle). With the class, I drop whatever I am doing and attend the class (family also respects the class time), so the regular exercises and stretches helped me get rid of shoulder pain. They also helped me improve my posture in general, ability to sit straight for long hours in front of computer, etc.


Pranayama helped me with deep breathing, and hiking at higher altitudes in Colorado showed the improvement of my lung function.


Now-a-days, I alternate pranayama with stretching and balancing asanas. The warmup allows me to flex most of my joints that I normally don’t, and I have come to appreciate that all this helps me reduce impact from workout injuries.


What I didn’t expect and found is that yoga helps me calm down and sleep better."


                    - Indira Garapati, Businesswoman

Joint Pains almost gone!

I have joined Everlean Yoga about a month ago. I should say Gopinath is an amazing instructor. Very knowledgeable. He pays attention to every individual, listen to their problems and suggests the workout accordingly.


When I first met him, I was having so many joint pains in knees, hips and shoulders. Also, anxiety about these pains. Not finding any solution despite visiting multiple doctors and getting treatment from them. I stopped going out and stayed indoors. My confidence was getting affected badly.


 But now after a month, the pains decreased considerably. I am so grateful I found him. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who has any types of pains or problems.


     - Madhu, IT professional, 25 years


Stamina for 3k & Lost weight 

"Lost 7.5kgs from 76 to 68.5kgs. Also I was able to walk for 1 hour and cover a distance of 3kms. I am happily surprised at my ability. Thanks to Gopi's Yoga classes!"

- Mita basu, 75yrs

Showed me the Light!

"Authentic, patient, personalised guidance given by Gopinath ji, who is holding the Eternal Light to shine on, ahead, showing the way forward to all Souls who seek his help!
Simply Wonderful, positive, fruitful experience!
I thank you again and again for showing me the "Light".
- Vaidya Shefali


Normal delivery! (thanks to you!)

Tq soo much sir. I felt yoga helped me a lot during my labor pains.

All breathing exercises seem simple while doing on normal days. but I realized during labor how crucial role they play.

I never expected I will be able to give a normal delivery. Thank you Soo much sir!

- Pranaya, 28 yrs

YOU Yoga semi-personal Class (Online or Studio - max 6)

Mon- Friday (All times are in IST - Indian standard time)


            6 AM - 7 AM                                                                    

                 7 AM - 8 AM                         

            8 AM - 9 AM                                        7 PM - 8 PM




Yin Yoga

Most of us have tight hips and pelvic region due to prolonged sitting. Which causes your posture to go bad and results in back pain.


Relieve your back pain and become more flexible. This class addresses the need for a more flexible and relaxed pelvic region. This is the need of the hour and helps  everyone to go deeper in flexibility! you will be surprised how easy touching your toes will be after doing this hip opener!

Core Flow

Want a kick-ass class that tones your core area? Then you are in for a treat! This class takes you on a ride to a strong core working your midsection. It let's you know which areas are weak and that you need to work on. you will be sweating a lot and begging for mercy! but it will be worth it, as you emerge victorious with a  strong Core!


 Most people breathe wrong. Helping people breathe properly, and extending their capacity and control is the foundation pranayama. and this will lead to doing the pranayama properly and correctly. The pranayama foundation for beginners and then the pranayama practice is a must for all those looking to benefit from this practice! For beginners who know nothing and also for those who are practicing pranayama.

200 hr RYT (Yoga teacher training Yoga Alliance certified)

Do you want to teach yoga and help others? 

or you don't want to teach, but gain a deeper foundational understanding of yoga and what it entails?

Then check this teacher training. You will gain a lot of understanding and be equipped with the tools creating a strong foundation!

Starting soon... From May 1, 2024 - July 15, 2024

Mon- friday:  9:30-11:30 am; Saturday: 9am-12pm

Chakra Meditation - Vibrate, tune and bliss out!

Most of us are stressed and tired. why not use the tremendous benefit of meditation to dip into the spirit and come back rejuvenated and revitalised? This 1 hour practice prepares you to meditate and gives you a simple way to practice it! Try this amazing Class yourself! 

warrior 1.jpg
Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series

  A powerful sequence that integrates poses, breathing, and mindfulness into a flow. Intense, energizing and fluid. This sequence takes 1 hour 15 mins followed by rest.

Past life regression series

                     Do you have some health problems, pains or  money or relationship problems, that just don't go away?

                     Use Past life regression series to find and resolve the cause. Along with soul review and reincarnation

FLAG JC Healing series (60 mins)

Are you suffering from depression, irritation, anger, sadness etc., or any other health problems that may be rooted in your ability to forgive and let go? try this meditation series. It is a powerful healing tool to forgive, accept and love others and self. Expressing gratitude. while improving your happiness and confidence in yourself.  You will be amazed at the changes in you!

Yoga Practice


Everlean Yoga

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Near Chirec Public school, Kondapur,

Hyderabad, TS -500084, INDIA.

 Call 9676 274 212.

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