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Powerful Retreats


“What one thing can I do differently that would produce the greatest return for the minimum risk, time, and effort?”

To go further and progress rapidly in spirituality,  powerful retreats give big results for the same effort. Join us in doing powerful sadhana in a powerful place at a powerful time.

We make use of 2 leverage points to obtain a 1 lac times more benefit or even more vs doing the same action at home.

The Arunachala Retreat

Join us as we do sadhana at the sacred and powerful Arunachala. from nov 28-30th, 2020. Including grivalam, japa, homa, meditation and sadhana. on Kartika pournami!

call now 9676 274 212.


The Varanasi Retreat

varanasi ghats.jpg

Kasi, kasi, kasi. Visit the sacred temples, the ghats, ganga harati and dip in the holy mother Ganga.


We will visit Varanasi and do sadhana on Maha sivaratri, mar 11th , 2021. Including  japa, homa, and meditation in holy ganga.

call now 9676 274 212.

The Karmanghat Retreat

Legend has it when Aurangazeb wanted to enter and destroy this temple, A loud booming voice said ' kar man ghat' (make your heart strong) and he was stopped from entering.


We will visit Karmanghat and do sadhana on Hanuman jayanti and other days.

For more info, call now 9676 274 212.

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