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 200Hr Hatha & Raja Yoga teacher training (Yoga Alliance)

        Viveka, Vairagya, Abhyasa, Kaivalya


why YTTC 200? (yoga alliance)

what is taught? what will I learn?

Hatha yoga and Raja yoga

Hatha yoga

scripture based learning using

Hatha yoga pradipika

gheranda samhita

Yoga sutras of patanjali

How will it be taught?

Using a combination of lectures, demonstration, group discussion, hands on student led classes, journaling, q&a etc.,

we have a model - understand, practice, master and teach (UPMT).

why  us?

why of it... focus is on understanding.


2 ways - 1. theory followed by handson practicals.

2. explanation, group discussion, practice.

No need to remember anything. your understanding is more important. we focus on it.

3. Learn to analyse and understand.

Text books?

1. asana mudra pranayama bandha

2. yoga sutras of patanjali

3. hatha yoga pradipika

4. gherandha samhita

5. bhagavad gita

6. SatchitAnanda Yoga Manual



Part time batch




                       9am - 12 pm

SatchitAnanda yoga shala, Hyderabad, TS, India

what to do next?

Pay in full - Rs. 30,000 (10% discount over installments)


in three installments of Rs.11,000

by Gpay to (91)9676 274 212


Limited seats available. Hurry soon!


From Yoga alliance USA. 200 hour RYT. Internationally recognized everywhere.


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