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Viveka, Vairagya, Kaivalya

                         YACEP courses

          (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program- Required for all teachers certified by YA to maintain their RYT.)

 Stress Begone

Yogic Diet

Yogic detox - Shatkarma



Inverted Asanas

Yoga Nidra


Problem solving for yoga teachers

Asana alignment

Important Scriptures

1. Yoga sutras of patanjali

2. Hatha yoga pradipika

3. Gheranda samhita

4. Bhagavad gita

5. Tripura rahasya

6. Yoga vasishta

7. Ashtavakra gita

8. mandukya upanishad

9. Soundarya lahari

10. Vignana bhairava tantra

Other  Courses

Weightloss (3 months course- why do you lose weight and gain it back again? what can you do to lose wt and keep it off?)

Nutrition (3 months course - understand and learn what gives you good nutrition. Tools, tips etc.,)


Healthy cooking (1 month course - learn to cook simple easy and quick - meals, snacks, salads )


Yoga-3in3 (3 months - learn asana, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra. You can do by yourself after 90 days. Ideal for corporates or apartment groups)

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